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Dr Moein Kashani

ANFF Fluidics Simulation Engineer

Expertise: CFD simulation, design and engineering of microfluidic systems

Moein is an expert in modelling and CFD simulation of microfluidic systems. He has performed simulation analysis, which gives benefits to design and operation of microfluidics and accelerates development time.

Moein was granted his PhD in Chemical Engineering, from the University of Adelaide in 2016. He also holds a BSc in Chemical Engineering/Process Design and MSc in Chemical Engineering/Modelling, Simulation and Control of Processes with HD from IUST, Tehran, Iran. Also through his experiences as a Process Engineer and Process Development Engineer, he has specialized in process system modelling, simulation, design and engineering for most of his career in industrial area.

At ANFF, Moein is responsible for the modelling and simulation of microfluidic devices, which allows determination of parameters that are difficult to determine experimentally, model inaccessible conditions, understand dynamics of fluid in complicated geometries and phase morphology in multiphase fluid flows; a capacity to gain detailed understanding of the fluid behaviour and enhance the design capacity of microfluidic systems.

Moein Navvab Kashani <>

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