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Boosting spacecraft mobility with safe, simple and resilient in-space propulsion.

Boosting spacecraft mobility with safe, simple and resilient in-space propulsion.

Designing and manufacturing propulsion systems for CubeSats and SmallSats, Australian-owned and Adelaide-based startup company Neumann Space, is on a mission to deliver superior spacecraft mobility around Earth and beyond.

The creators of the world’s leading electric propulsion system for in-space applications have patented their sovereign technology, the Neumann Drive®, which employs a thruster unit that utilises solid metal as propellant to achieve a safer, more efficient, and simpler to operate propulsion system.

This groundbreaking approach eliminates the need for complex pressurised systems. It enables effective orbit navigation, improved space debris avoidance, increased fuel efficiency, and reduced mass for end-of-mission deorbiting.

Still in their early phase, Neumann Space have required access to specialised cleanroom facilities to assemble their propulsion systems and they have sought assistance from the South Australian node of
the Australian National Fabrication Facility (ANFF-SA).

Herve Astier, CEO of Neumann Space, says ANFF-SA has played an important role in achieving their first missions while they prepare to build their own cleanroom facilities.

“As a startup we’re not yet in full production and not yet generating enough revenue, so the support provided by ANFF-SA in accessing their cleanrooms has been invaluable to build the capability we need to progress,” said Herve.

Without access to local facilities, Neumann Space would have had to source other locations, which would have been time-consuming and expensive.

“ANFF-SA has been easy to work with,” said Herve. “Their responsiveness in organising and setting up the facilities we needed has been particularly important given the demands on our startup resources,” said Herve.

He says Neumann Space will continue to use ANFF-SA’s facilities as they refine their products.

“It takes time and money to get a cleanroom up and running in a proper environment, so for us, ANFF-SA has delivered quick and easy access,” said Herve. “Their facilities have allowed us to focus on developing our technology and bringing it to market.”

Neumann Space have successfully completed integrating its Neumann Drive® onto Skykraft’s Australian designed and manufactured satellite. This first flight will take place in June, with a second flight on an Inovor satellite platform scheduled at the end of the year, and plans for more flights in 2024.

Co-located at the University of South Australia Mawson Lakes campus and Flinders University, ANFF-SA is a world-class micro and nanofabrication facility providing open access to cutting-edge equipment housed in state-of-the-art facilities with support from world-leading experts.

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