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Deep Reactive Ion Etcher (DRIE)


Microfluidics & etching

Micro and nano fabrication

Glasses and semiconductors

4 inch diameter wafers



Fabrication step:



Etch channel or other feature geometries into glass, plastic or silicon substrates

The NLD-570 deep reactive ion etcher (DRIE - ULVAC NLD570) is capable of deep etching features from the nano to the micron scale and is specifically designed for research and prototyping environments.

The NLD system consists of a process chamber with three electromagnetic coils and the RF antenna is concentrically located with the middle coil. The plasma intensity is confined to the plane of the middle coil and the diameter of the plasma is proportional to the electromagnet current.

This enables the etching process to provide an extremely high uniformity and the etching capabilities are specifically tuned for glass - quartz and pyrex. This makes the process suitable for use in microfluidics, lab-on-chip, microlens, etc.

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