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You can access ANFF-SA's world-class facilities, cutting-edge equipment and highly trained technical staff today.


ANFF-SA UniSA Mawson Lakes Campus facilities and equipment includes:

  • Class 100 cleanroom

  • Class 1,000 cleanroom

  • Device fabrication facilities

  • Materials characterisation facilities

  • Administration offices


Contact ANFF-SA UniSA Facility Manager Simon Doe on +61 8 8302 5226 for further information or to make a booking. 

ANFF-SA Flinders University facilities and equipment includes:

  • Nanonics-Horiba Coupled AFM-Raman with TERS 
    (Tip Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy) Capability

  • Tube Furnace

  • Glove Boxes

  • Nanoparticle Deposition

  • Dagard class 1,000 cleanroom at Flinders @ Tonsley


Contact ANFF-SA Flinders University Facility Manager Jason Gascooke on +61 8 8201 2419 for further information or to make a booking. 

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