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“It’s hard to find a well-connected organisation in America willing to get things done quickly and without bureaucracy. The ANFF-SA have really proven to
be a one-stop shop for us.” READ MORE
- Eshwar Inapuri, InnaMed CEO, California  -

"WOW! The result looks amazing! 

Like you said, the geometry really suits the machining and illumination process, and your execution of
the machining has been exemplary."

- Brad Gibson, SMR Automotive -

"We definitely achieved "proof of concept", and the beamline scientists were very interested and impressed, so I'm confident of getting more time in future... I made sure they knew where the chips had come from!"

- Andrew Rose, Academic, Southern Cross University -
"Very happy with the progress and quality of the
3D image that Maryam is developing.
Impressive quality of the X-ray tomography."
- Matthew Keen, Flinders University -
Thank you kindly for your persistence and professionalism in manufacturing and delivering these devices. I'll be sure to recommend your services to other Bay area companies looking for microfluidic parts."
- Kersh Theva, Berkley University, USA -
“The 3D x-rays provided by ANFF-SA proved an extremely reliable method to perform a detailed evaluation of the PWAs...our client modified the printed circuit board and manufacturing proceeded."
- Bevan Illman, Director, CircuitWorks Australia -
“The NSID of the DSTO would like to thank you for your support and recognize our appreciation for the titanium nozzle micro-milling performed at your facility."

- Iain Cartwright, Space Systems Engineer, DSTO -
"We just checked #2 and it is doing very well. Everyone involved can stick a big glass chip success story to the portfolio."
- Murat Gel, CSIRO -

"I have looked at the recently diced wafer bonded silicon, and the dicing work is 'first class'. 

Thank you very much... the metal stamp
made for me is also excellent." 

- Igor Switala, DSTO -
“The critical thinking processes that Mark developed with the students impacted their designs and led to their success at the F1 in Schools national competition."
- Finn Galindo, teacher, Brighton Secondary School -
- James White, Macquarie University -
"Thank you for your help and excellent
service, I am thrilled with the work
you have already completed."

“Your facilities and equipment allowed
me to prove the concept I wanted.”

- Kym Keightly, Innovec Group -

"The speed and consistency of the chip manufacture were essential to the successful completion of the clients' PhD program... I would certainly make use of your chip manufacturing services again given the chance."

- Andrew Clulow, Academic, University of Qld -
"Thank you for taking the time to train me on Tuesday afternoon – I really appreciate your thoroughness with everything – it was excellent"

- Jason Connor, Future Industries Institute, UniSA -

“The ANFF SA facilities helped the team transition from an ‘idea’ through to ‘proof-of-concept’ and are now exploring higher technology readiness level testing
and manufacturing.” READ MORE
- A/Prof Craig Priest, ANFF-SA Director -
“Access to ANFF-SA’s state-of-the-art fabrication equipment, facilities and highly skilled staff has been crucial to my work. ANFF-SA allows my PhD training to include high-performance facilities and access to technical expertise.” READ MORE
- Scott McCormick, UniSA PhD student -
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