Celebrating a decade of achievement for ANFF, our "10 years of ANFF Casebook 2017" presents the extensive range of research being conducted across the ANFF network. Read more...

We explore our role in creating connections between people and across disciplines to bridge the gaps and transform Australia into a high-tech industry hotspot. Read more... 

Innovative research being carried out in our facilities around Australia is supporting Tomorrow's Entrepreneurs to establish new industries in Australia. Read more

With our focus on the fabrication of new materials and devices, ANFF underpins the innovation pipeline for researchers, start-ups and established companies. Read more

These case studies illustrate emerging opportunities from the university sector in the field of nanotechnology, a new industry that will drive productivity and economic growth, while addressing many of the societal challenges facing the nation. Read more

ANFF Casebook 2012 - Providing solutions

ANFF is no longer just providing facilities. It is now providing solutions for over 1,600 researchers. It is with great pride that we present the casebook of solutions that ANFF has provided for Australian researchers. Read more

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