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ANFF-SA has the technical expertise, state-of-the-art facilities and cutting edge equipment to support or collaborate on innovative R&D projects with universities, government, business, industry and end-users, locally, nationally and internationally.  

With a focus on optimising device performance and design-to-prototype time, applications for ANFF-SA's design and engineering solutions vary greatly, but include lab-on-a-chip sensing, separation and synthesis, the use of functional interfaces, integrated electrodes, and optical structures in the health, defence and resources sectors.  

ANFF-SA can provide you with services in fabrication and characterisation or training and access to support your next research-to-product development.

To find out how ANFF-SA can assist with your next R&D project, please contact ANFF-SA facility manager Simon Doe on +61 8 8302 5226.

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