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ANFF-SA is committed to supporting students who have a keen interest in the areas of science, technology, engineering, arts and math and supervised access to cutting-edge technology is facilitated by ANFF-SA's experienced technicians. 

Work experience for high school students

ANFF-SA will nurture high school students who are passionate about expanding their knowledge of world-class engineering solutions and offers work experience to students who can demonstrate an exceptional flare for a future career in the science disciplines. 

Higher degree students

Higher degree students can undertake their honours or PhD studies by enrolling and can then undertake their research at ANFF-SA under the supervision of a researcher.

Early career opportunities available through the University of South Australia offer the chance to do real work on projects that are designed to have big impact on the business and company. 

Contact ANFF-SA facility manager Simon Doe on +61 8 8302 5226 for further information. 

Student testimonials:
"Being involved in a work experience program with ANFF-SA was a real learning experience. I learnt what it was like to be an engineer, a field of work I am interested in pursuing. I discovered all of the amazing technology being used and developed in ANFF-SA's machine rooms and clean rooms and I was also able to interact with university students which showed me a snippet of what university would be like. Overall, it was an extremely positive experience that wouldn’t have been possible without the staff at ANFF-SA” 
- Uri Hauben, student, Brighton Secondary School -
"Without ANFF-SA my project would not be possible. All the fabrication has been done offers a huge advantage. The team have been great and they are happy to help with any challenges.
- Thuy Thi Thanh Pham, PhD student, University of South Australia  -
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