Case studies

Our clients are performing exciting and innovative research across a broad range of fields, from agriculture to healthcare, through to mining and electronics. The stories below showcase some of the amazing advances that ANFF-SA has supported.

Case studies from our national network can be found on the ANFF website.


If you have utilised ANFF-SA's facilities, equipment or technical staff and would like us to share your research project in our case study library, please contact us today.

Powerful sensor may help identify novel therapies for the treatment of type 2 diabetes.

ANFF capability saves multi-million dollar market for Australian-made product

Innovative technology mobilises life-saving portable x-ray systems across the globe

Novel device detects pre-eclampsia biomarkers for early intervention

World-class characterisation techniques reveal data on opal structure

3D profiles of erosion wear scars reveal mining industry’s high performers

ANFF-SA Microengineering Winter School

Strategic collaborations achieving innovative world-class micro-fabrication

Non-invasive bladder cancer screening captures cancer cells from urine

Re-purposing waste to soak up oil spills and mercury pollution

Blood test to improve health outcomes for mums and their unborn baby

In-home health care for patients