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Micro milling


ANFF-SA's Kira SuperMill 2M offers industry and researchers outstanding next-generation high-speed precision machining capabilities for true, simultaneous 3-dimensional interpretation of micro structures. 


The cutting-edge technology of the Kira SuperMill 2M delivers one-stop-shop capabilities for the fabrication of micro scale devices with features ranging from centimetres to micrometres.


Designed specifically for single part and small series production milling ranging from tool steels to polymers, the Kira SuperMill 2M system has a positional accuracy of 0.01 µm (or 10 nm) with double spindles, a 50,000 rpm electric spindle and a 160,000 rpm air spindle which alllows us to run tools down to 5µm in diameter.

ANFF-SA's highly specialised technical team is supported by a range of CAD and CAD/CAM software which enables us to machine direct from the CAD files. We also utilise FEA and CFD to optomise the geometry prior to manufacturing to minimise redevelopment costs. 

A suite of inspection and characterisation tools such as tomography and optical profilometry are also available to support the fabrication processes.

Please contact ANFF-SA facility manager Simon Doe on +61 8 8302 5226 for more details.

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