ANFF-SA Microengineering Winter School

Are you interested in engineering microscopic devices used in the world’s newest technologies?


ANFF-SA offers a four-day hands-on Microengineering Winter School experience:

  • FREE four-day workshop for students, researchers, academics and industry

  • Introduction to design and fabrication of microfluidic/electronic, MEMS, optical
    and sensing chips

  • Hands-on experiences in world-class cleanroom facilities

  • Career insight with stellar line up of industry leaders, technical experts
    and local industry tours

  • Presentations and practicals introducing photolithography, design for photolithography, etching, PDMS devices, microelectrodes, characterisation, simulation and optical interference and spectra.

8 x Insight sessions | 8 x lectures  | 7 x practical sessions

ANFF-SA's Microengineering Week includes a stellar line up industry experts and special guests:

  • To be confirmed

A copy of ANFF-SA's Microengineering Winter School program will be available soon.

For more information please contact ANFF-SA Communications Officer Belinda Turner today on 08 8302 3340.