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Are you studying engineering or the sciences and interested in designing and fabricating microscopic devices used in the world’s newest technologies? Prepare to be mind-blown! 

ANFF-SA’s FREE four-day Microengineering School provides students, researchers, academics and industry with a fascinating introduction to the design and fabrication of microfluidic/electronic, MEMS, optical and sensing chips.

8 x lectures | 8 x Insight sessions | 8 x practical sessions

The FREE FOUR DAY PROGRAM from Tuesday July 4 to Friday July 7 is ideal for people interested in engineering microscopic devices used in new world technologies.


Delivered onsite at the University of South Australia's Future Industries Institute, in Mawson Lakes (online participation also welcome!) ANFF-SA's Microengineering School includes presentations and practicals delivered by industry leaders and technical experts who introduce design, fabrication and testing processes including photolithography, design for photolithography, etching, PDMS devices, microelectrodes, characterisation techniques, simulation and electrical integration and 3D printing. 

Onsite participants can enjoy hands-on practicals using cutting-edge equipment housed in world-class cleanroom facilities, while lectures and insight sessions provide opportunities to engage with industry leaders for useful career insights. 

Together with ANFF-SA's team of highly skilled technicians, ANFF-SA Microengineering School is proud to present a stellar line up of industry experts and special guests:

  • Prof Craig Priest - ANFF-SA Director

  • Prof Michael Breadmore - University of Tasmania

  • Dr Scott Foster, DSTG

  • Dr Kamil Zuber, UniSA

  • Prof Heike Ebendorff-Heidepriem - Deputy Director of the Institute for Photonics and Advanced Sensing (IPAS)

  • Dr Srihari (Hari) Rajgopal, NASA Glenn SiC Technology

  • Coco Kennedy, DSTG

  • Prof Karen Reynolds, MDPP, Flinders University

  • Dr Petar Atanackovic, Silanna

  • Dr Thorsten Matthias - EV Group

  • Dr Ben Johnston - ANFF OptoFAB

  • A/Prof Leah Heiss, Monash University

  • Dr Leanna Read - Chair and Managing Director, CRC for Cell Therapy Manufacturing Chair, Carina Biotech Pty Ltd and TekCyte Pty Ltd, Former Chief Scientist for South Australia

Practical sessions include:

  • Photolithography (in Cleanroom) - presented by Dr Jing-Hong (Mike) Pai, ANFF-SA

  • Etching (in Cleanroom) - presented by Dr Donghoon Chang, ANFF-SA

  • CAD modelling and FEA analysis - presented by Mark Cherrill, ANFF-SA

  • PDMS devices - presented by Dr Mona Tarek, Tekcyte and Dr Sophia Su, ANFF-SA

  • Electrical integration - presented by Dr Alok Kushwaha, University of Adelaide

  • 3D Printing - presented by Daniel Williams, ANFF-SA

  • Characterisation techniques - presented by Dr Jason Gascooke, ANFF-SA and Flinders University; Craig Noble, Evident/Olympus; Son Nguyen, Leica Microsystems

  • Microelectrodes - presented by Igor Switala and Dr Maryam Khaksar, DSTG


ANFF-SA is a $22 million investment in cutting-edge advanced manufacturing equipment and technical expertise available to all Australian’s, as part of Australia’s National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS). ANFF-SA offers industry rapid prototyping of new technologies right here in South Australia, and has become a catalyst for international collaboration with global companies, start-ups, and universities.


Open to industry, researchers and academics, ANFF-SA is committed to delivering technical excellence in the design, fabrication and testing of micro-sized devices, and is available to teach these techniques to optimise opportunities for micro and nanofabrication manufacturing in Australia.

The facility’s strengths include lab-on-a-chip technology, micro/nanofluidics, advanced sensing, functional coatings, and separation science and it is one of eight nodes of ANFF across Australia, which combined, are filled with over $200 million of investment in tooling, infrastructure and people.

Register to attend IN PERSON here          |         Register to attend ONLINE here

Download a copy of the program

For more information on ANFF-SA's Microengineering School please email Belinda Turner.

This year's program is proudly sponsored by:

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