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Computer Aided Design - Design House

ANFF-SA are expanding the scope for new device development
and process design beyond the lab.

The ANFF-SA Design House has a national license to provide researchers, academics and industry with open access to an extensive suite of advanced software tools.


Our highly specialised and professional technical team are available to assist you and ensure that ANFF-SA provide all the essential elements for taking your device from concept to reality.

Our shared user licenses include access to Synopsys, Coventor and TannerEDA: the tools for initial device design and layout, process simulation, design rule checking, circuit simulation and mixed-signal processing, and MEMS utilities for structural simulations, to name a few.

Additional software packages and experts are available through ANFF’s Design House nodes around Australia. Find out more on the ANFF website.

CAD - Solidworks, Inventor, AutoCAD

Solidworks, Inventor and AutoCAD cover all aspects of your product development process with a seamless, integrated workflow—design, verification, sustainable design, communication and data management. 


The intuitive design interface and integrated software work together and give you the freedom to focus on innovation, thus giving you the possibility to span multiple disciplines with ease.

Shorten the design cycle, increase productivity and deliver new products to market faster.

MEMS Design - TannerEDA, Intellisense, Synopsys TCAD, Coventor

Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) simulation tools have the accuracy, capacity and speed to predict the complex, multi-physics behavior of MEMS devices.


The software suites available in ANFF-SA's Design House are MEMS-specific - enabling the modeling and simulation of an extensive range of MEMS devices.

For more information or to access ANFF-SA's Design House please contact Facility Manager Simon Doe on +61 8 8302 5226.

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