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David headshot.jpg

Prof Craig Priest
Node Director

Simon Doe
Facility Manager

Prof David Lewis
Flinders Site Leader


Dr Jing-Hong (Mike) Pai
Senior Process Engineer

Mark headshot.png

Mark Cherrill
Microfabrication Engineer


Dr Jason Gascooke
Instrument Manager

Bel headshot_22.png

Belinda Turner
Engagement Officer

Jodie headshot.png

Jodie Hobbs
Biomedical Engineer

Iliana headshot_3.png

Iliana Delcheva
Characterisation Specialist


Stephen Blakeney

Innovations Manager

Billy headshot.png

Billy Michalatos

Microfabrication Engineer


Fiona Cramer
Technical Support Officer - Electronics

Sudhakar headshot_1.png

Sudhakar Sajja
Microfabrication Technologist

Sophia headshot.png

Pei-Jin (Sophia) Su
Nanofabrication Technologist

Izac Lorton

Izak Lorton

Denny headshot.png

Tai-Jie (Denny) Yun
Electronics Design Engineer

John headshot.png

John Nicoll
Mechanical Design Engineer

Daniel headshot.png

Daniel Williams
Industry 4.0 Testlab Technician

Brendan headshot_edited_edited.jpg

Brendan Schawl
Ultraprecision Technologist

Anthony headshot.png

Anthony Papageorgiou
Mechanical Engineer

Mohamed headshot_edited.png

Mohamed Amen
Process Engineer

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