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ANFF-SA offers access to more than $10 million of equipment and technical excellence in design, fabrication, and testing of micro-scale devices.


The facility’s strengths include lab-on-a-chip technology, micro/nanofluidics, advanced sensing, functional coatings, and separation science.


Surface structures and patterns, channel designs, and chemical functionality can be tailored to your needs, through access or partnership with the professional staff.


The facility houses state-of-the-art photolithography, micromachining, hot embossing and bonding, micro-injection moulding, plasma etching, thin film coating, fluidic simulation, and advanced characterisation in ISO Class 5 & 6 cleanroom environments.


The facility is co-located at the University of South Australia and Flinders University, which offer extensive materials and surface spectroscopy capabilities available to ANFF-SA users.


Where research or process development is required, ANFF-SA can offer the scientific expertise at the host universities.


Experienced working with confidential information and sensitive project material, ANFF-SA is open to researchers, academic and industry users and our professional technical staff are able to deliver high-quality devices and samples on time. 

The South Australian node offers capabilities, expertise, and opportunities to collaborate with affiliated staff in the fields of:


  • Micro/nanofluidics

  • Surface chemistry

  • Surface structuring (etching, molding, embossing)

  • Thin film deposition

  • Surface spectroscopy

  • X-ray micro/nanotomography (volumetric analysis)

  • Micro milling

  • Micro injection moulding


​For more information or to access ANFF-SA's Design House please contact facility manager Simon Doe on +61 8 8302 5226.

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