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Sputter Coater

HHV/Edwards TF500

Microfluidics & deposition

Micro and nano fabrication

Metals (eg Au, Cr, Mo, Ti), TiO2, ITO

6 inch diameter



Fabrication step:



To deposit high quality (pinhole free) metal layers for the fabrication of UV lithography and DRI etch masks

The HHV/Edwards TF500 sputter coater is a front-loading deposition system with a chamber able to accommodate up to 6 inch diameter substrates. The system is fitted with three sputter sources with a switching system which allows users to select operation from DC or RF power supplies.

Multilayer deposition can be performed without breaking vacuum and the pumping system has a ceal room compatible dry pump with a turbo molecular pump.

Turbo molecular pump thickness monitor (QCM) with a rotating tilt stage

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