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Prohab delivers "strength" in design and advanced technology

Prohab delivers "strength" in design and advanced technology

Innovative approaches, advanced technology and a team of world-class experts have collaborated to develop a novel device which collects ‘strength’ data, supporting individualised health, fitness and rehabilitation programs.

Lyndon Huf is CEO of Prohab and creator of the winning-edge health platform device, an idea which evolved from travelling the globe achieving data-driven performance outcomes for Olympic athletes and, much closer to home, helping his mum recover from a painful shoulder injury.

A physiotherapist and sports scientist with entrepreneurial flair, Lyndon saw that he could help patients and sportspeople better understand how they can do an exercise and do it well. He began developing a prototype of a smart sensor to clip on to an exercise resistance band to measure strength data and deliver it in real-time it to a phone or computer... An innovative new physiotherapy and professional sporting device was born.

Lyndon received input from professional athletes, clinicians, surgeons and therapists around the world and he began running various trials with his prototypes, but when his team struck a challenge during testing for functionality, he sought an independent investigation to help solve it.

No stranger to seeking out experts who can challenge conventional thinking and existing methods, Lyndon contacted the South Australian node of the Australian National Fabrication Facility (ANFF-SA) requesting a scientific approach using x-rays of his tiny device to identify the problem.

“ANFF was almost like a lifesaver,” said Lyndon. “With expert equipment and people, they really helped us solve our problems. It was timely, independent and valuable allowing us to make changes in our business for the better.”

Lyndon says approaching the problem with the ANFF-SA team enabled him to find a method that they could scientifically test which allowed him to step away. The resulting images provided Lyndon and his team with a compelling report.

“We had enough information from ANFF-SA to go about solving the process on the factory floor and it was great to work with people who share the same processes,” said Lyndon. “We are building teams outside ours and helping build a community understanding about how to do things, build things and pass it forward.”

With the strong emergence of scaleable innovative products and services, Lyndon has plans to release a final market-ready product soon which will help improve people’s lives and give them control over their recovery.

ANFF-SA specialises in world-class design and engineering solutions to deliver advanced manufacturing technologies to local, national and international users. If you would like more information on how we can support the R&D with your prototype please contact us today.

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